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You've Got To Laugh

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Sent a letter to Vauxhall Customer Services Director telling him what I thought of the Antara and Vauxhall.

Told him that nobody listens to a thing you tell them at Customer Services and stated that I had now sold the car and would never buy another Vauxhall

Surprise Surprise, Vauxhall Customer care phoned me at 1645hrs today saying that I needed to get my vehicle to a Vauxhall dealers ASAP.

After 45 minutes I asked the person at the other end of the phone if she had a copy of my letter in front of her, she said she did so I asked her to read the last paragraph.

A deadly silence then followed.

And so the saga continues but at this stage I can't really comment as yet on what is to follow.

Never laughed so much since my granny caught fire !!!!!!!
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