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Year 2 Service cost

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Just coming up to my second year as an Antara owner and just wondering what sort of price people are having to pay for year 2 (major) service... I have also been told by VX it a good idea to have the brake fluid changed while its in Total cost £303. What do you think?
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I think the general consensus of opinion is to shop around and haggle. As for brake fluid, I personally think its a con. They can measure the water content in the fluid and then decide from there. My wife's car had the original fluid for 6 years and then we got it changed when the master cylinder started to leak.

Ask them how much they are charging for oil. It may be cheaper to take your own,as long as its the correct spec. some garages charge up to £13/litre,when you can buy it for as little as £4/ltr
Well worth joining the masterfit club if you are not allready, I got a £25 voucher when i swapped over from my Astra (which i thought was good because i was a member anyway) I was quoted £306 for a main service at my local Pentagon and with my 25% discount plus the £25 voucher it bought it down to £210. The discount is only 15% though if your vehicle is 2-3 years old, 25% if 3 years and older.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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