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Windscreen Washers!

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Hi all,

Does anyone have a problem with the windscreen washers?

Ever since new the nearside washer starts working first and
the driver's side produces water many seconds later and sometimes not at all. I
have asked the garage to look at it on at least 3 occasions and of course they
say it has been fixed each time.

I sometimes wonder if as most vehicles are predominantly lhd
converted for the uk marketthey are optimised for the steering wheel being
on the other side. My reasons for thinking this stem from owning Volvos for
over twenty years and in almost all the different models I drove the screen
heater cleared the passenger side first, as though more warm air was ducted to
that side.

I would appreciate any thoughts on the water issue before I
start dismantling it..... Thanks
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No problems here.
Yes, I have the same problem, drivers side washer is not nearly as good as the passenger side, like you say it's a few seconds behind, and doesn't always come out full force.
I assumed at first that the hose was blocked, but seeing as water eventual;ly comes out, it can't be??
Hi Pinty,Ah, so it's not just mine have you investigated further? At the moment mine just does not work on the drivers side. I will have to dismantle I think and try to blow down.
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It could be something as simple as the water has a shorter distance to travel to the N/S although must admit I've not noticed on mine but will have a look.
I'm reviving this topic as our 2014 Antara does exactly this! I've cleaned the holes and flushed the system through but if the jets havn't been used in a while there is a second or two delay after the passenger one works before the driver's side gives a squirt ...

Our last Antara didn't, this one does, hey-ho.


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sounds like a union leak or pin hole in the pipe
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