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window deflectors

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Does anyone have some window deflectors fitted???
If so please could you let me know where you got them from as been looking for ages and can only find ones that say 2007 model onwards. Not sure after the facelift if this part of the Antara changed so not sure if they will fit.

Thanks in advance
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Had a full set of Climair's fitted to mine. Can't remember whether I bought them direct from Climair or via a company on ebay

I always have Climair's fitted to all my vehicles.

You can get the cheap nasty ones that stick on with double sided tape but they are big, bulky, ugly and can be easily stolen
Speak to HoneyMonster he was selling a set but he may have sold them already.
Climair do front & rear, Heko do front ones.
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got a set from micks garage on e-bay, Italian make G3 , easy to fit and do the job


had Heko and Climair in the past, not rigid as Heko and just as easy to fit as Climair, fitted deflectors to all my cars since the early 80s!
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Okay serious question why would any of you guys who have window deflectors want to fit them. For everyone else who has never had them what are we missing. Try and sell us on the idea.

Personally I'm not one for driving with my window down in fact I was never a fan of sunroofs either.
Not sure about others Grumps but I smoke and have the window down and if it is raining or even when I use the window washer water comes in the window and drips down onto the switches for the windows and mirrors
When I say I have the window down I mean open a couple of inches
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I don't smoke, I just think they look cool!!
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I keep dog in car and can leave windows just open without it being apparent also prevents rain coming in when window is open those couple of inches.
I always fit deflectors for two reasons, 1 I smoke and 2 when my wife is rambling on I have the perfect excuse for not listening, 'because of outside noise I just didn't hear you dear'!
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