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Where can I buy gearbox cables?

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Hi, am hoping you guys can help me; I have a 13 plate 2.2 diesel Antara and, whilst R - 4th gears are fine when driving, when I go to 5th the engine acts as though it's in 3rd and, when in 6th, acts as though it's in 4th gear. A mechanic has looked at it and has said that I need new gearbox cables but I can't find them available anywhere and I'm not getting a reply from my local Vauxhall dealer. Has anyone else had a similar issue and where did you manage to source your cable (or do I need 2 for 5th & 6th?) from?

Thank you in advance for any help!
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Hey there
Ive just got the same problem. 5/6 have vanished and i can only get gears 1-4 and reverse. Just hot it back from the garage and they say the gearbox ends of the cables are corroded possibly from a leaky battery. Did you get yours fixed
I got mine fixed back in June but at a local garage.Not interested in main dealers.
Job cost £500 inc the part
And yes everything was still connected just the sleeve had corroded.
Weirdly i did a lot of miles on just the four gears and still got over 40mpg.
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