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I am still looking for a spare wheel. I can not believe how much the cost I have been quoted by the dealer I tow a caravan so having a spare is important and not a 16 inch as my wheels are 18 inch. If anyone knows of one for sale please contact me thanks .
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If you do a search in the box above you can find numerous articles relating to this, i got mine from mytyres .com 16 inch steel wheel and tyre about £120 and its the same size as a vx spare.
Thanks for your reply , but towing a caravan with a smaller wheel is not good so I need the same size wheel and tyre which are 18 inch ok. .
The std 16" wheel and tyre outside diameter is more or less the same as the 18" with a lower profile tyre.
Try partshark they have a couple of antaras they are breaking and are competitively priced. A wheel wont cost a lot from them :)
Hi Chrisg is that right a 16 inch wheel once the tyre is fitted it just under 18 inch, can you tell me how long can you run on one of these wheel , thank you for your help.
Hi Chauffeur Yes as long as outside diameter similar no problems i used to carry a 16" spare for my 19" standards and used no problem towing.

The pic below shows a comparison using this site

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Hi there thank you so much for you message I have placed an order on the net. For £149.95 that's inc vat and delivery for tyre. And wheel will keep you all in formed as to how good it is . Thanks once again chauffeur
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