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Westfalia fixed swan neck

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Towing a 2010 Coachman Amara 520/4 with Alko Hitch. Car is a 2013 163bhp SE Nav AWD.

Rather problematic installation. Non Vauxhall indépendant towbar specilist initially fitted a 'bypass' loom. The green tow hitch lamp was permanently lit and the rear park sensors and fog lights were disabled. They had fitted to previous Antaras and had never had a problem. In the end, they removed their loom and fitted aVauxhall wiring loom kit at their cost (£140+VAT).

I was very nervous about the clearance between the ball and the bumper (see pictures).

Picked the van up today and all was well. Car pulled it very nicely.

I had done a bit of searching on the web and didn't really find reassurance that this tow bar was going to be OK so figured I would post here for anyone else thinking of this bar.

In the end, I prefer the swan neck, very neat

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That's the same towbar as mine. I have a motor mover,so hitching up is a lot easier that reversing. The san neck is held in place by two bolts. If you take them off,you can remove the swan neck if you want. I ended up leaving it on. As you say very good towcar. I tow a challenger sport 544,1435Kg fully loaded.
We have a mover as well. Really helped getting it onto the drive

Plan is to leave the bar attached. I have had a look under, seen how the bar attaches. There is a lot of it under there.
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I have been following this and other towing threads for some time and recently decided to fit a towbar for a trailer. I bought one which I have not seen mentioned here or the other forum for £69.50 including delivery from Italy, which took less than a week. Fitting is simple and takes less than half an hour (excluding electrics). I assume all towbars are fitted the same way using the 8 threaded holes in the chassis. I have not yet decided on which electrics to fit.
The photo is not correct.
I attach my own photos.

They also do a detatchable one.
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