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First proper drive in the Antara today really liking this SUV . Round trip of about 85 miles over the Dava and came back using the boring A9 to Inverness with their infamous average speed cameras .We averaged a very pleasing 37mpg and i was not hanging about believe me lol who would on their first outing in a new (new to them )car . I'm really impressed by the way the suspension(ours has the sports suspension) handled the Dava ,a test for any car never mind a near as dam it 2 ton SUV .

Anyways ...i really enjoyed the car ,seriously thinking about a performance chip ,not because i think the car needs it but it could definitely handle more performance .Before i jump in on the chip front i need to be convinced on the pros+cons .....

Crappy mobby photo (forgot to take the DSLR !!!!!!!!)

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