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Was this anyone we know?

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I wonder if this Antara owner is anyone we know on here? by: Inchindown
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Well it's in Scotland, so that should narrow it down to 75% of the members.
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Not me mine's silver. I blame the bus driver.
Considering it has had a run-in with a bus - the Antara has come out of it quite well :)
I reckon the bus service was a limited stop !
I reckon the bus driver was distracted after seeing such a fantastic car.
Not mine mines white and I come from West Lothian , the car done well though
Just up road by Dunbar a couple more pics and video, and no not mine either.

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That's a write off anyway. Anyone need any spares.
Ach away a bit of bodge tape and it will do a trip :)
The Antara didn't fare as well as it initially looked.

The poor family that live in the house must have been given a bit of a shock !!
Ah well,
Hopefully no one was hurt, but looking on the positive side, anyone need a OE spare wheel.
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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