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warning light

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Hi, I have a 2009 diesel antara. the spanner and oil can warning light as comeonthe dash. i've looked in the hand book and it it saying that it needs a oil change which i had done tried resetting the warning light by turning ignitionon and pressingbrake pedal 3 times but still the light stays on, also been to mylocal garage to have the computer on it to try and reset it that way no luck there and tried disconnecting the battery again no luckhas anyone else had the same problem or could tell me how to get it off.
thanks for any advice Brian
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I've just had a similar problem on my 2012 Ant, but light would go out after about 2 minutes driving. Quite good as she had only been serviced 4 weeks earlier.
Went into dealers on Monday and got her back 1hr later and was informed it was a computer glitch and has been cleared. Hopefully won't come back. Hope this helps.
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thanks for your reply but mines stays on all the time did take it to my garage where i have it serviced.Put the computer on for fault finding still no luck.
He even phoned vx for information on it where he was told to use brake padel to reset still no luck.

Just have to live with it I think, until I can get rid never buy another one. keep to the honda's

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