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Warning for 2 Litre Diesel Owners

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These engines don't last. They have a known fault. Listen to your engine running on tickover. Can you hear a tap, tap, tap sound coming from the top end. Also can you here a womp, womp, womp sound. If you can, take the air intake pipe off the air filter housing. Is the deep sounding womp, womp, womp louder. Sorry I have sone bad news for you. A rocker arm bearing has collapsed and is preventing some valves from working correctly. Stop driving the car. The valve can get jammed open wrecking the engine.

Replaced all 16 rocker arms, timing belt, water pump, glow plugs as one had failed. 2 of the glow plugs would not come out so the head had to come off. Got parts at trade. All in all with labour £2000Edited by: Timbo
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I have the 2 ltr version, im not mechanically minded, maybe I should get it checked out whilst still under warranty?
Should have added, ours is a 2007 with 78000 on the clock.
Google Captiva Roller Rockers for more information. Lots of info from Australia.
We caught ours in time. If left the camshaft lobe gets damaged as well. Ours had some marks on it but was still okay to leave. It was the deep womp, womp, womp sound on tickover that caught my attention.
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