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vx factory fitted towbar

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Hi There,
I have a 2012 antara with a detachable tow bar,The ball seems quite close to the bumperand im not sure if it will be suitable for an alko stabilizer,any thought gus ?

regards martin
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I had a genuine VX Towbar fitted to my 62 plate Antara and had no problems coupling up to caravan ( 2012 Sterling with Alko stabiliser ), horse box and various trailers.
Hi Martin, yes it works fine with an Alko towing hitch, we have towed our Coachman caravan for the last 18 mths with no problem. If you have a vx fitted towbar just check that they have wired the fridge/charging pins up, they don't all do it properly.
Happy towing
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Thanks for the replies guys,all systems go,

regards martin
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