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Voice Dialing on Antara SE Nav

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Does anyone know how to enable voice dialling on the Infotainment system on the SE Nav? I got my Antara last Monday after driving an Insignia Sport Tourer, which did have voice dialling. I've tried all the steering wheel buttons as per manual but can only succeed in changing from radio to AUX and back again. My phone (iphone 5) is connected via bluetooth and I can make and receive calls via the console, just not via the the steering wheel.

Any help appreciated
(Newbie, joined today).
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Hi mate you cant do it, its not on the nav kit as fsr as im aware cause I tried for two hours when I got my delivered
If you update to the latest iOS 8, you can then set "SIRI" to be voice activated -
From the iPhone Menu go to :
Settings / General / Siri, and turn on Allow "Hey Siri",
which will then work - whenever the iPhone is connected to power.

All you do then is say ( in a loudish voice) "Hey - Siri" and SIRI wakes up,
so you can then Voice dial someone in your Contacts list

I have bought the Brodit Pro-Clip that mounts on the the left side of the dashboard,
with a swivel mount, and a Passive adjustable width iPhone holder,
and run a power cable from inside the centre console box,
through the front rubber screw cover, then down to the floor and out under the left side
of the plastic covers underneath the net storage pocket.

The cable is then weaved up through the net so it can be plugged in while driving,
and easily tucked away into the net pocket when not in use.

Here's some Photo's :

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When we collected are car 1 year ago on the way home we were pressing buttons on the wheel trying to make a voice call and we got a women's voice asking us the number to dial. We have never been able to get it to work again but I still have the same iPhone and software. It was only connected by bluetooth and me and the wife heard it.
It is a se nav and been told it cannot be done but it did .
I've had voice dial come up as well but as I never make calls whilst driving ...
SE NAV 2013 reg
Infotainment book of words p.129 "Voice Recognition"
"By pressing ●)) <symbol on st.wheel> the speech recognition system is activated ..."
I found it operated by dumb insolence and refused to find any name I spoke. But I don't use it so no loss. "Hey Siri" actually works, I just drop the iPhone into the mesh net, on the 12VDC and Bluetooth, I do not want to see the thing.

An iPhone gets a different result whether it's connected by the USB or powered by 12VDC and Bluetooth. USB gives you less functions then Bluetooth. USB sees an iPhone as an iPod. You can stick an USB stick into the USB and use it as a MP3 player.

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