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vibration from rear

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hi guys im a new-bay i have an antara 2058
2000 cdti (red eye ) se model i have a vibration coming from the rear some where it only happen between 5 & 20 mph at first i thought it was a prop shaft rubber but i can find out what it is any ideas or have you had the same fault many thanks shiny
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Hi shiney welcome to the forum, is yours 2 or 4wd
Hello and welcome to the forum
its a two wheel drive mate
sorry what a wtat mate its 4 wheel drive sorry
4 wd will only cut in when needed so sounds more like it could be something as simple as an out of balance wheel ???
Welcome to the forum.

The obvious things would be a wheel out of balance. A tyre bulge or a brake issue either a sticking brake of a warped disc.

I would swap the wheels around front to back to rule out a wheel.
How many miles has the car covered?
45,000 miles mate thanks for ur feed back guys
Hi, I would try the easy options first,as mentioned above. I know that even with that kind of mileage the LR freelander2 has problems with the rear diff and haldex unit. Not sure if higher mileage antaras suffer same.Hopefully nothing that serious. Comments ?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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