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"improving its dealer network"

Well, there's plenty of scope for improvement.
He will have to work hard not just with he dealerships but with his company's Customer Care and their attitude, saying that all these car manufactures should be looking at their dealerships and, customer care but I think he has his head up his bum, should they not be looking at the manufacturing side and how inadequate it is a epically coming from Korea, and customers waiting up to six months for their purchase, he goes on about the Mokka, Insignia, Astra and Corsa (the fleet cars) nothing about the Antara, I think this man has a very long way to go before he catches up with Ford, we will see
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Drivingmad said:
Could you do "this man's" job Wilma?
Management jobs are not as hard as they sometimes try to make them out to be.

I had virtually no education and left school at 15. I still managed to end up as Head of the Procurement and Logistics Division of a major UK company based in London. I found working at that level to be a doddle.

These top managers have a vested interest in trying to convince us all they are worth the pay and bonuses they get.
They do this to give the Government and joe blogs the impression that they are worth every overindulged overpaid every penny they get and that the Uk cannot do without them, it's a joke
Yes could you though
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The article explains why the Bolton family man is superbly good at his job and is thought of so highly. Duncan Aldred, at present Chairman and Managing Director of Vauxhall Motors and Sales Director of Opel, turned VX sales around when he took over as Sales Manager in 2004. He halted a 12 year sales decline. Under Aldred GM Europe is the only one of the Big Five to have increased market share - the other 4 saw sales fall. Under Aldred, the UK has become the fourth biggest GM market world wide after China, North America, and Brazil. Aldred plans to overtake Ford in the UK by 2016 introducing new models with new engines, lower emissions, and less weight. Aldred believes Mokka will be a key in this because of spectacular sales - its manufacture is being added to in Spain and Korea. These are facts, not opinions.
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