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Vauxhall's Euro 6 Diesels

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Although Euro 6 is not mandatory until registrations from 1/1/2015, Vauxhall/Opel have introduced a new Euro 6 engine into the Zafira Tourer and the Meriva. This power plant uses the Ad Blue system where a separate tank filled with a chemical is used to inject fluid into the exhaust. I am not sure yet if this still has a DPF but it should solve the DPF regen issue.Either that or bring its own load of troubles!It may well be that owners of Euro 6 diesels will say "Come back DPF, you worked well!

The Euro spec regs. require every Euro 6 emissions system to last for 160,000 km. I wonder if this means that the exhaust system will be covered by a lifetime warranty?
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Been using ad blue for several years, messy if spilt, don't think we have dp filters. Mercedes Axor.
So is it a reliable system, Dilligaf?
Drivingmad said:
So is it a reliable system, Dilligaf?
To be honest I don't know as it's a company truck and although we don't do the mega mileage that other companies do, it's more than you would do in your car.
I'll have mention it to our mechanics.
Vauxhall are to re-engine all their cars by 2016. So I expect the Family Z engine fitted to our cars will be continued but with Ad blue instead of the DPF active regen system. On the other hand there is pressure on manufacturers to downsize to reduce emissions.I do hope the beefy 2.2 is not replaced by a weedy 1.6!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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