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vauxhall ducking their warranty responsibilites

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I have a 2013 2.2 antara,with the common problem of a rusting tail gate. vauxhall inspected the car,and asked for proof of its first service.I produced the service book which is up to date,with the dealers stamp. Now after 4 months of waiting for a reply from vauxhall.They say will not carry out the work,without the reciept for the service.
I pointed out the first service ,was carried out by a dealership in sheffield under the first i am not in possesion of the reciept.Surely thats why they have a service book !
I wish I had listened to all the warnings about vauxhalls lousey customer service,and steered well clear.
So if you want to own a car thts less than a year old and rusting away,and you want a manufacturer that wont fix the problem,go ahead buy an antara.
The paint job is just the tip of the iceburg by the way,I wont bore you with the other 5 faults.
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If the service was completed by a Vauxhall Dealer it should be on their system, but if you have a falsified stamp in your book then you could be in trouble, call the dealer who stamped the book and ask for proof of a service being completed.
Is there a main dealer of the same franchise ( ie Evans Halshaw, Peter Vardy) near where you live, if so go to them.
I agree with Chris this is a common well known issue and VX normally have no problem fixing it so I would try another dealer.

I had the same work done with no problem. I also had my alloys refurbished when they were out of the usual warranty period so it must be down to your dealer and the case they put forward.
I would say this is down to the dealer you are using. I had the same issue with the tailgate and had no problems. My dealer just took photographs, emailed them to VX and within a week had a date to have the tailgate done. As said, try another dealer.
Thanks for all the replies guys .I will try another dealer.

regards Martin
My car is now two years old, after the second month of owning it I saw blemishes in the paint on the bumper, perrys saw it, agreed it has come out of the factory like that, took pictures, contacted vauxhall, took pictures again, forgot about it, said it had been done, looked at it again and come to the conclusion that it's not been done, now everyone is saying it should have been done in the first 12 months of owning the car as after that they won't guarantee it....
Helloooooo get a grip....
This is rubbish.. It's a reported documented fault, tell them your still waiting for them to confirm a date for the repair of this recognised fault.. I bl**dy bet they didn't forget to harass you for your service so they can take money off you..
Well here's the update, spoke to vauxhall customer service and perrys are taking the car in on Monday for one week, in that time the front bumper is being painted, center speaker grill is being replaced and a proper check over is being done with tyre and brake wear logged, also getting a curtesy car in it's place
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