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Useless front windscreen demisting on cold morning

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Useless car at heating up and demisting the windscreen. It take forever to clear on inside.

Slightest hint of rain and the windows start to fog on the inside, even with the heater controls set to the front window. I'm sure it's not necessary to have the air con on to keep the windows clear at 4 degrees outside, even other non air con car I've had has managed!

And clearing it by hand doesn't help as it fogs back up again as soon as you move.

The heaters take an age to warm up, my little audi is hot within a mile of driving, the antara seems to need half an hour to warm up the car.
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Not the best car i have had for clearing screen i must admit and looking forward to having electric front screen on next car.

But to solve problem in Antara i have found one of the little dehumidifier blocks from Aldi, Lidl or homebase has worked wonders in mine. I have placed mine with double sided tape in storage bin under passenger seat and seems to have helped mine no end.

With Christmas coming up all those silica gel packets you get in goods are useful. Place in car and every week just take out and re dry them in bottom of oven after cooking is finished using oven residual heat.
Just switch the AC on and it clears in a jiffy, the AC is perhaps even more useful in the winter as it removes the moisture, it's not just for making it cooler..
TisMe said:
Just switch the AC on and it clears in a jiffy

Because it doesn't waste enough diesel???
It isn't going to use much, it's not going to try and cool the car, it's just going to draw out the moisture and it does it very well.

When it's done it, you can switch it off again if you wish..

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Then it fogs back up. That's really not the point, every other car I've owned without air con (and it's been a lot) has managed to keep the windscreen clear. It's a bit of a basic feature for the last 50 years.
I've noticed this too, I'm actually scraping the frost off the inside of my car in the mornings, keep meaning to leave a window open slightly to see if it make a difference.
Clean the inside of the windscreen thoroughly . You can buy chemicals for this. I used a pre paint wipe . This will help.
Also check your car mats are dry, getting in and out a lot during wet weather can transfer quite a bit of water into the mats, ready to evaporate..
I dont have much of a problem with the heaters or the front blower. I Drive 90+ miles a day and find, if anything the car is too hot - even at its lowest setting.

Dont have much of an issue with condensation as I drive with the window slightly open, even in the rain. This seems to keep the warm,wet air, out and the cold, dry air, circulating.

Never had the car frost on the inside and in cold snaps I cover the external windscreen as this saves me freezing my small parts whilst scrapping it at 3am in a morning!!!!!!

do like the idea of silica packs though and might give the mass of air in the car a extra chance of keeping dry - try it, what have you to lose?
I find the windscreen is clear in a couple of minutes, no different from any other car. I close my vents at night so maybe this works. It is quicker with the AC on but I dont always have it on. Having AC on makes absolutely no difference to my mpg . <div abp="1578">
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Yip I agree use the A/C it won't effect your mpg no more than using the heated seats etc. it's their to be used.

I find the quick clear button works brilliant apart from the noise of the blowers being on full blast but it works so use it.Edited by: Grumps
I still don't have a button for clearing the front window. Going to go give it a proper clean rather than what my wife calls a clean.
Not really had this issue as of yet with the Antara but we had a 2004 Nissan Primera & that was terrible for misting. There were times where had to have the AC 100% of the time!!
I had a six inch square in the bottom right hand corner of the screen that took 20/30 minutes to clear no matter what you tried
I have no problems de misting my windscreen what I do is shut off the three air vents in the middle that directs the air up to the windscreen put the de misting buttons as well as the ac button put the fan on high and the temp just before half way and it demists within 5/ 10 min no problems plus the car is lovely in warm with the heated seats for me and the daughter going to school or whatever. Can't see any problems, happy happy warm and toasty
Unlike Piddy to come back and have nothing positive to say !!.........
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No probs if you use Air con cant see affecting fuel cost that much and considering it probably cost about £1K on the car price you might aswell use it
I bet the current owner of his old Antara thinks its perfect with no issues at all
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