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Updates on the old DPF issues

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I'd love to know how people are getting on with all their regens, is everyone happy or are they still causing problems?
I myself haven't had the light on for over 3000 miles and can't remember the time before that, we only do 5 to 10 mile journeys in it and once every two weeks have a 20 mile drive down the motorway, has anyone else had this lack of regens?
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Have now had my Antara 12 months, done 12k milesand only had the regen light on once, even then I didn't know it had failed regens until the light came on. Still doing regen every 500+ miles but no problems, BC says average mpg from new 30.2, I'mhappy with that.
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Never had any problems with the DPF. Never had a light on. I get an average of about 520 miles between regens. My car is coming up to 18 months old and has done just over 13000 miles.
Had mine just over two years now, only had the light on once which was of my doing, ie a lot of very short journeys. A quick blast down the M56 and all was well.Most of the time you are completely unaware of the regens, it just gets on with them.When I notice one via theBC I tend to resettrip B then when I check again I usually find that it is reading 1000+ miles so obviously I have missed another. Yes occasionally I stop and the fan roars on, but again it just gets on with it the next time I am out and about.
I wish I could ignore the fuel consumption as well, I can only dream of some of the figures quoted on here.
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