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Tyre Repair Kit

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Hi, May seem a silly question but hopefully its not me going mad...Last week i got a new Antara and it is meant to come with a puncture repair kit - where about should i find this? I have had a look around the boot but cannot see anything.


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Under the boot floor , pull 2 sliding tabs in and lift carpet should be mounted in a polystyrene block. It's just a compressor with built in tin of goo , no good if you shred a tyre though !
It looks like they left this our of my car :( a call to the dealer i think
It is very important for every vehicle to have tyre repair kit and essentially where it is in the car because it is not easy to find the repair and service place at the spot or go to auto workshop instantly for irritating and improper functioning related to tyre
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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