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Tyre pressures

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What a difference tyre pressures can make to your Antara.

I don't know how you guys who have an SE can run their tyres at the 39psi Eco pressure.

I normally run at 35 but yesterday I checked them and put them up to 36. All I can say it made what I think is a very smooth great car to drive into one that was awful. I seriously could not drive it like that I think I would be looking for a new car by now. I could feel every little lump and bump in the road and everything in the car rattled. Even a rear seat passenger commented on how bumpy and rough it was sitting in the back and that was without me mentioning anything.

So today back to 35 and phew back to the nice smooth drive I'm used to. Btw this Eco pressure is cobblers I tried it not long after getting my Antara and noticed no difference in mpg.
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JR123 said:
Mine are exactly what they were set at when I got the car 37 and 39 I think? The ride can be a little harsh on some roads but coming from a range of cars with sports suspensions I don't notice it to much.

Do you have all 4 set at 35?
Yes as per the manual they should all be the same unless you are towing.
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