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When my Antara 2.2 is cold and started the turbo is louder than when it is up to operating temp. It does not sound abnormal I just wondered if anyone else noticed this. I haven't had the car long and it's been in for some warranty work doing and I just want to make sure it's right before the warranty runs out. The warranty work was 2 x bypass valves, one on turbo and other on inlet manifold I believe. You thought would be appreciated.

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Hi Andy, welcome to the club, mine is a 2013 and doesn't make any noise when cold.
Hi, what kind of noise. Tapping, whirring ?
Its just the normal turbo whistle type noise only slightly louder, certainly nothing un toward. Its as if it may be some kind of cold start operation. Goes completely after a couple of miles. Car runs find and turbo if boosting ok.To be honest its no real concern just wondered as i would kick myself if it developed itto something serious and warranty expired.
When driving it it sounds like a police siren in the distance, goes away when engine warm.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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