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tuning boxes

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hi there, I came across this forum whilst looking into tuning boxes for my antara ,and was very interested in what you all had to say, but still not sure about what to do,I've had my antara for over a year now and love it ...except for the mpg ... which I find difficult to live with .. hence looking into tuning boxes ! I had a remap done but I've had I taken off again as it made my mpg worse !!! if anybody can help convince me that having a tuning box fitted is going to improve my mpg please please get in touch , I'd like to speak to anyone who can help ... thanks
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Hi disgruntled, welcome to the forum. There are a few members who have fitted race chips, with improvements of about 4mpg. Have been thinking of doing this myself but haven't got round to it yet.
Welcome to the forum.

Tuning boxes do help but Im not sure they will give you the results your looking for. Can you give us more information on the mpg you are getting and the type of driving you do is it urban etc.
Hi welcome to the forum,

Don't know where you had your remap done but I have a 2lt diesel auto 2009 had it remap and it made my MPG a lot better getting a extra 6 MPG out of it.
It went from 25- 27 to 31 around town, I was asked when I booked mine in for remap if I wanted full power/power and economic or just economic I went for the middle one as I tow a caravan and it impoved the car alot. I think they must have put full power on yours to use more fuel. hope you get a box ok

hi there , I get about 26 mpg traveling a 3 mile journey to work and then back again so 6 miles urban driving
Probably a bit on the low side if it was a 2.2 but average for a 2.0.

I would think you would get low 30's with a tuning box so it's up to you if you think its worth the expense. Personally I just like the extra power any gain in mpg is a bonus. I hate to drive my Antara without the box fitted.
I get a solid 37 mpg out of mine and I don't pay for the fuel if you follow me. Got a Tdi Tuning chip in it set on standard. 2.2 163 2013 model
Hi ChrisJ,
how neat and easy are the TDI Chips to fit? Can you post a pic of the installation? I'd be keen to do the same or similar. Presumably you "just remove it when taking in for services"

disgruntled said:
hi there , I get about 26 mpg traveling a 3 mile journey to work and then back again so 6 miles urban driving
Hi, There's your answer. The cars not warming up properly. I am going to get a race chip fitted when I have run the car in. It can be removed for my service/warranty inspection. Plus will help when towing my caravan.

I recently looked at another forum on the subject of MPG. The guy that wrote it, I think had a Mondeo, stated that the biggest difference was to renew the MAF. Even though it wasn't fault. Some members got results by just cleaning. If you've done a lot of miles, it may help. just a thought.
Quicker to fit one from scratch than to go and fetch my camera tbh. Size of a box of Swan Vestas. Tie wrapped to the master cylinder bracket. Undo one connection and plug the box in. I would hardly call it an installation to be honest. Easy to remove. No trace of it should you be worried about that sort of thing.

Turned it up this week. Even better performance. Still getting 37 mpg and that included a regen on the M40 that lasted 20 mins
Thanks Chris, managed to see the fitting video … wow that easy … my remaps ace in past BUT have the problem of service ECU Updates screwing things up … seriously plug and play looks great … honestly you like and feel the benefit right away! No side affects down sides?


Cheaper than paying for the 184. What's not to like. And you can transfer it to another vehicle if you don't keep the Antara
Just watch for it overfueling causing dpf to regenerate more thats what happened when I tried tuning box u carnt expect something costing so little to do job correct.
Been using the Racechip box for 18 months no problems just positives.
Had my tunning box on for two months and can say that I have gained about 2 mile per gallon.

Currently averaging 38.7 miles per Gallon and travel approx 400 miles a week
Just been through a full service with it fitted without a single comment from the garage (not vauxhall)
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