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Tuning box for sale

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For sale is a tuning box for Vauxhall Antara (163 version)purchased from tdi-tuning in Feb 2013. Genuine reason for sale. I have been getting between 33 - 37 mpg on hilly a roads on 20 mike round trip to work. 41mpg on motorway runs. It is a brill piece if kit and can be adjusted to increase power, up to 201bhp and torque. Gives good mpg and ideal for helping to tow. Still have original box and packaging.
Cost was £289. Please contact me as I'm willing to accept genuine offers.
Visit for fuller details.
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I'm seriously looking into it. Just been on their website and they now facilitate the Antara, which is good news. Only thing is, will it be as good as a box?? Pricey too!
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