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Trip computer info

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Hi, All. Just picked up my Antara today

In the handbook it states to press the BC button to access the trip computer. My button does not do anything. I have a Diamond model 2wd. is it a fault or is this only on the 4wd models?
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Unfortunately the 2wd models don't have a trip computer or BC function. I also have a 2wd model. I spoke to my local VX dealer who kindly activated this function for me.
Hi Griff, Many thankx. Did they charge or was is FOC.Either way, I think I will get it activated.
Spoke to my local VX dealer and asked if the BC function can be instated. He wasn't sure if it can be done. Does anyone know the procedure how to do it? Thanks
Hi chrisg. My trip computer was activated FOC but my antara was in getting recall work done at the same time.
Hi, took my Antara to my local VX dealer for BC button activation. He could not work out how to do it.Has anyone got the procedure on how to carry the mod out?
they will need to change the program code index, they should be able to do it, very easy process
Hi, Is there a step by step guide for them They have charged me 1 hrs labour but said they fill activate the BC if I can find out the process ! (They are supposed to be the experts)thanks
Hi Chris, I personnally would go to another dealer if feasible. A VX dealer should either be able to carry out the process or find out how to do it through their network not ask a customer to find out !!!
I would not have confidence in them to carry out the process correctly !!Edited by: Off Road Doc
they will need to go into the infotaiment section select bid,gid screen, there will be a drop down menu, select program code index, most are set to 001, change to 002 then program, should work, if the screen number is different from 001 they should just change to next one up , eg 003-004, 005-006 etc
will this work for the 2013 model with the 40 radio? thanks
ye it will work, all the screens have a program code , all antara`s have the same software its just a case of activating ,for BC my screen code was set to 001 whichwas BC off, code 002 was BC on, dealer will find what code your screen is set at once they connect it to diagnostics, this will need to be done at vx dealer as it will require tech2 or gm mdi to program it, you wont be able to use op-com on the newer models as its not updated to 2013
hi from Paul

I have a antara diamond 163 bhp 4x4, the trip computer works OK, perhaps 2wd, don't have this function,
Hi, no they don't. I think you have sat. nav as well.
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hi from Paul
the trip computer in my antara diamond dose not have a sat nav, there is enough directions coming from the passenger seat already ( the wife )
Been to local VX dealer again with instructions to set up BC button. There "software wiz" tells me that the new Antaras software can not be edited to enable the BC function.
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try another dealer, were they using tech2 or gm mdi, tech2 prob wont be able to program it
Hi , I have a 65 plate 2wd exclusive antara and would like to get the onboard computer to do more than tyre pressure , I've been back to the vauxhall dealer but the say it can't ( or more like won't ) be able to be done. Can anyone point me in the right direction if it can be done and is there any one mobile who can do this for me
Its all in there. Mine was set up using the astra J software. Literally took 5 mins to remove a tick or add a tick in a box, cant remember.
I had the exclusive 64 plate .that I had done at dealerswith the Astra j info .if you search on here it gives you stet by step info to give them .thats where I got it from
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