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Hi Everyone,

Hope I have posted this in the correct place as I am new on the forum. Just wondering if someone can help me as I have scoured youtube, PFJones the forums etc but cant seem to get an answer. I have an Antara 2015 CDTI and want to fit a towbar myself. I understand it comes with trailer prep and I have found a connector near the exhaust that I think is what I need to connect to:

This is a picture of the connector I found on the car:


I am not sure if this is the original connector or a previous owner has changed the original for a different style. Or maybe something else completely?

When I look at towbar electric kits the female version doesnt look like it will fit. For example this is dedicated kit I found on ebay - THULE BRINK 735783 ELECTRIC KIT OPEL ANTARA 2006- TOW HOOK Electric kit | eBay

PFJones dont seem to show any pictures just a box of gear so not sure what style connector they have.


Any thoughts or pointers gratefully received!

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