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later last night i had a call from vx dealers and said due to problems they could trade in my antara 1 year old and for same payments as antara i could have a brand new insignia 2.0 cdti sri.
my query is will it tow my caravan okay and worried about dpf on that as is vx still and i will prob miss the 4wd what do i do help please
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Maybe if they can do you a deal on another Antara but not an insignia.

I think vx should step in and help the dealer out because of all the hassle I would call them and see what they say.

If you don't ask you don't get.
come on guys got to go dealers soon lol
The Insignia is a really nice car, my neighbour has two of them but remember the new face lifted insignia comes out in october I think it is, so please check that cause you don't want one of the old models when the new one is right around the corner.
here you go
There is also a new "raised" Insignia similar to the Subaru Legacy Outback. It looks the part even if it is sh*t compared to a Legacy! My motto is, if it does not come from Germany or the far East do not buy it!
I think the towing capacity of the insignia is about 1600kg.If that suits - it may be worth considering.

Make sure it is a 2013 model and not a 2012 spec left hanging around.

You can do this from the VIN number.
Post this into a website that gives you year and country of manufacture.
I would seriously look at the figures and see what's going on. Bear in mind the trade in for a 1 year old Antara is around £12,000
I would either want my antara back, as new or a new antara. Surely, if wanted an insignia you would have chosen one to begin with?
I owned an insignia sports tourer for 18 months before px ing it for the antara . The insignia was a good towcar plenty of power but let down by poor grip on grass . As I do a lot of caravan rallies I soon got fed up of being rescued by 4x4 's . The grass only had to be damp and the car would get stuck! On Tarmac though it was hard to fault and the economy was better 35 mpg towing 1500kg , 40-43 mpg solo . My insignia was the SE model which had better suspension than the SRI . I would suggest the SRI would be a very firm ride when towing .
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