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Towing With Antara - General Introduction

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Thanks to Dan we now have a dedicated towing forum.

So that we don't loose any of the photos posted in the "Towing & Caravan Outfit Photos" I suggest we use THIS link, to access them, rather than move things around.

There are a number of members who already tow with the Antara, but for those thinking about it, post your questions on here.

Here are a few points.

Driving licence categories - If you passed your test after 010197 you will without doubt need to take a towing test, if you intend to tow a caravan. This is due the weight restrictions surrounding 3.5 T
The DVLA web pages are also useful, full of details but windy.

Nose weight - the static vertical load that is applied to the towball - MAX 80Kg
Max Tow - Auto 1700kg Manual 2000Kg
85% - although not law it is recommended that the max weight (MTPLM) of the towed item (particularly caravan) is not more than 85% of the cars Mass in Service (kerb weight, this figure is on the V5 log book).
As a rough guide given particular vehicle changes due to additional equipment/ optional extras, this is around 1650kg

Towing Speeds
More for those who tow on the Continent.
Speed limits are set differently abroad based on either size or weight, rather than a one fits all over here.
The figure that is used is the "plated gross train weight" where weights are concerned.
The Antara is plated over 3500Kg (more like 4205Kg) therefore irrespective of what you are towing there may be restrictions to your speed.
France for example 90Kph (56mph).

Here is a review I wrote on a caravan forum, when asked about my 2009 CDTIS auto (previous Antara).
My review would alter slightly now as I can honestly say that the 2.2 engine was what it needed.
The new model is a bit lighter, but in my case only 31kgs, so in towing car terms, that's not an issue.
With more torque and BHP it is a pleasure to drive solo and towing.

in towing terms I feel the following tick the boxes
320 nm @ 2000rpm
150 bhp
1967 kg in mass kerb weight
1700 kg max tow for auto (2000 kg manual) 1700 being 87%, guess this covers about 95% of mainstream caravans.
80 kg nose weight
self levelling rear suspension
intelligent 4wd
hill decent
short rear overhang
big flat top mirrors, ideal for fitting the towing ones to and added rear view
selection of fixed, swan or detach towbars (all without bumper cut or effecting the rear parking sensors)

I find it a very capable tow car, stable and sure footed, in fact I like it more than my previous car (disco td5 auto) for towing, it just feels "better".
I like the manual selection on the auto which I use when towing, the cabin fit and general up market feel.
I would like the nose weigh to be more say 100kg, and I do think it would certainly benefit from a 2.2l engine. if I was being picky I would also like the steering to be a little heavier too.

I would not rule out this vehicle in its present, form or new version.

I honestly think that Vauxhall have been very shy in putting this to market after the Fonterra, and with the new version maybe they will be less so.

I hope this helps kick start this topic

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I too come from a discovery to the antara and find it a much more calm tow, especially now we have an auto.
I tow a caravan with my antara, the caravan weighs is 1495kg's, the car is vary stable, but only 28 mpg towing
How many Antar owners on this Forum tow ,and have overheating problems ,it was quite an expeareance
When my 2013 ,2.2 ltr 184bhp auto 4x4 over heated ,Red warning light ,bells ringing and came to a halt no warning it just went Zap.
Be nice to know if we are the only 2
because its a lovely car
Hi also new to this forum but we tow with our Antara, our caravan with a MTPLM of 1300 kgs and it tows like a dream. we have the 2.2 4x4 exclusiv 2012 model. I consider it to be one of the best cars i have ever owned. Only down side is the poor / low MPG when towing, but that aside a brilliant car.

Chris W
Hi Chris

thanks for the info, i have got the antara diamond 2.2 4X4, witter tow bar single 13 pin electrics, about 28m m p g towing and 45 m p g on the motorway, in the book it says it has got 7 speaker radio, i have only found 5.

This is the first 4x4 i have owned, and i am vary pleased with it, I have a 2.2 diamond in silver 163bhp manual with black leather interior, and i pull a swift charisma 545 2010 model.

the antara pulls the van with ease, a steady 50mph up the motorway gives a return of 31mph towing, not bad.

The weights of the car and van are, 2000kg's pulling power of the car, and the van weighs 1495kg's, more than 85% difference

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I have a antara 163 bhp as per picture, and the caravan is a swift charisma, 1459kg;s, together the train weight is 3850kg;s, i have a witter tow bar, with 13 pin plug, the tow bar is the two bolt fixed type, this works perfect, and had NO trouble
Hi All I am on my second Antara , 1st one was a 09 plate 2.0L 4x4 , and pulled 3 different caravans the latest is the one I have know ,A Swift Sterling Europa545 Max gross 1695 (old school ) towed all over with this outfit with no issues - inc 4 wheel drive at silverstone GP 3 years ago (even range rovers and defenders had to be towed on and off- not the antara - straight off and away ) .

I have recently purchased a new model "63" plate with a euro 5, 2.2Lengine and 6speed box (big improvement ) no issues towing 60MPH all day and35 MPG , I'm happy .

A problem has occurred on the new Antara , whilst doing a small amount of reversing i.e. side of road to pitch at 90 degs approx. 20ft . An awful smell occurred from the clutch that lingered for nearly 2 days .

as the car is new (6k miles) this should not happen , it never happened on the old one. Has any one experienced any thing like this or knows what the cause is , it would be helpful .
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Wow, 35mpg towing almost 1700 kg where do you live Holland. Mine tows 1600 kg and returns 24 mpg if I am lucky and 35 - 40 solo. What's your secret?
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hi Dave
Mine is the SE168AWD man .

I just keep the revs down below 2000 rpm , 60mph on M6 from the north lakes with cruise control and 6th gear . no issues it just does it .

solo it's a different ballgame as I like to give it some throttle therefore only get mid to late 30s to the gallon .

low urban (whatever that is ) around town and local driving late twenty's to the gallon .

the infotainment system ,car indication system says average 27mpg which is scary but not true

My Mpg is calculated by fuel usedfull tank to full tank divided by mileage.

I am however worried by this clutch smell in reverse , as this will only end up with a replacement at my expense .

The old one I had was an SE163Awd 2.0L 5speed and had poor mpg as it needed the 6th gear, was a good version and I loved it but it needed all engine chains changing 4 new tyres (ouch) brakes and front discs and the clutch replacing at 60K miles approx. cost of service and above was £2k, so I traded for the new one with service deal for 3 years andlifetime warranty
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Hi have had the same issue twice now, once last year and again last month, both times reversing the caravan a short distance onto my pitch. It is a clutch burning smell. I do a lot of reversing with the car and it has only happened twice. Going to start using the motor mover more. I have a 2013 SE 164 from new, now has 20000miles on the clock.
hi from Paul

thanks for your post, I have a "13" plate 4x4 2.2L antara, I to get that smell when i reverse the caravan onsite, i don't know why it doe's it, i know other people with Antares's and they get the same smell, yours truly paul
Thanks for the reply Paul, I have the same year and specc of Antara. As I say it has only happened twice. How many more owners have the same issue?
hi from Paul

I thought i was the only one, evidently not, perhaps its were the car is pushing the weight backwards, i will phone up the garage and ask, apart from this issue the car is perfect, not very good on fuel when towing (28-30 mpg),
Let me know how you get on at the garage Paul.
I have had the clutch burning smell while reversing the caravan with a Mk1 Antara, but it was uphill.
I had the same with an Astra in the past, again trying to reverse uphill.
Clutch burning smell whilst reversing a caravan is common across all brands of cars, a google search will prove this. I had a Cherokee before, it smelt really bad whilst reversing the caravan. The clutch went on to last 90000 miles, not bad considered the amount of towing we did.
thanks all
it is nice to be reassured it is not just mine , I will flag it up at the dealers and see what they say .

P.S. don't hold you breath
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