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Towing in the Pyrenees

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Hi All,

We have just returned from 2000 miles of faultless touring with the
caravan through the Spanish & French Pyrenees.

6000 ft of height gained and lost.

1265 miles of towing a Coachman caravan @ 1600k and an
average fuel consumption of 24 mpg.

Not good but not bad all things considered.

What is interesting is that following various posts I
purchased and use a Millers additive and have kept a careful eye on the dreaded
regenerations. The first one took place 20 miles from home down the M6 and the
second was 800 miles further into the holiday at Ainsa in Spain. The third was
back on the M6 when we were almost home. As far as I am aware I did not miss
any, so 800+ miles between regenerations is not bad. Perhaps towing a heavy
caravan has something to do with it, or using Millers additive or maybe both!Must start planning the next trip now.
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Dave,Welcome back, where are the towing photos ?

I read your post with interest.
Like you i tow a Coachman (560/4) so same weight, but i have a 163 AWD Auto.
My towing MPG is circa 23mpg, that said i use the manual side of the auto box when towing as i find keeping it in 5th works better.

I also use Millers at 75ml every other tank full of Sainsbury fuel.

My last regen took two and a half tanks to happen circa 1000 miles.

Every time i off the throttle i glance for the 9999.9 showing so know i have not missed one.

Like you say is it because of the weight we pull or is it the Millers.

I have done 11000 miles now and never had the regen light come on as many have.
I also note that some have had to have intermediate oil changes due to failed regens dumping fuel into the oil, hence shortening its life and the oil change light coming on.

When this bottle runs out i shall be near the service time so may try Wynns DPF cleaner and see.

Who knows is there really a secret to hold off the regens ????

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Hi Mat,Good to hear that you get similar Mpg when towing, and long intervals between regens, I too look at the display when I ease off. From what I have read on here I was begining to think there was something wrong with my car, and that I should go back to the dealers and get it fixed so that regens hapen more often.

As to the pictures, we visited the same area as last year so did not take many (last years are here )
The Bielsa tunnel is now open 24/7 but still has traffic lights and single way working, and once again I timed it perfectly and arrived on red, yet another hill start.

The Antara performed perfectly and didn't even look dirty when we got home.
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Hi guys,

I take note of the long periods between regens. I am sure it is because you are towing your caravans. The extra weight makes the engine work harder and will consequently raise the exhaust gas temperatures to a point where the particles will burn off making the extra fuel injected regen superfluous.

I don't tow but I do a lot of motorway driving in hilly terrain so the engine is working quite hard too. I have not been bothered with many regens either.

All the best from Lisbon.
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