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Towbars purchase of!

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Hi all, Seeing as it is the season of getting the van ready and getting a tow bar on the car, i have seen many over exaggerated costs for both the tow bar and electrics.
I have an Antara 163 bhp Exclusiv and fitted the tow bar my self, in about 1 hour and the electrics in about 30 seconds, no joke.

I research on the the internet and found a company called "Right Connections" whom make the dedicated wiring harness for all makes and models. ( I had also used them prior for a wiring harness for my previous v70 volvo). Found the price was about £45.00 +vat, so one was duly ordered.

The tow bar is from PF Jones which is a westfalia 150 kgs swanneck on the ball (approx £95.00 +vat). Again a bit of research detailed that all it took was 6 bolts and no pulling apart bumpers or cutting. So one again was ordered and collected from PF Jones.

The wiring is simply plug in and cable tie to the tow bar the excess. 2hours one Sunday morning all done did not even need to jack the car up. Used a trolley jack to lift tow bar into place, fitted bolts loosely then put car with wheels on kerb each side and tightened the bolts to required torque.

I know some of us may not be upto putting on towbars, but it may be worth lloking at purchasing and finding a local garage that might do it for a small cost, or even a friendly neighbour or even a fellow caravanner.

Its just worth a thought to save a little money her and there.

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I may be wrong, but I think that you need a NTTA (National Trailer and Towbar Association) registered company to fit the towbar, if you do not want the warranty to be void. Having had a company cars for years,this is my first new car.

I did not want to take a chance.
Plenty people have fitted them and it would only be a Warranty issue if you were cutting into the wiring loom and that cause an electrical issue that you expected the dealer to fit.

The bar itself just bolts on and the basic wiring just plugs in its no different that adding side steps or audio system.
Hi Chris,

That's a very good price for a tow bar, and 30 secs for the electrics is excellent. Does that include pins 10 & 11 for the fridge wiring?

I Hi all, I fitted my own towbar, its very simple just get a hand from a friend. Only 8 bolts if I remember and the wiring just plugs in. Also if you purchase the dedicated wiring loom you get the green towing lights on your dash.I bought from PF Jones website but did ring them, very helpful, knew more than VX dealers and delivery was quick,
Don't forget to inform your insurance company, a towbar is a modification, lloyds cancelled my policy for adding a tow bar and side step, them offered me a fresh quote with an inflated price.
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