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I've just had a Witter flange type towbar fitted and was wondering if anyone as had the swan neck one fitted and if so does the alko stabalizer gets to close to the rear bumper when hooked up , I think the swan neck looks much nicer to look at ,I had one on my last car a Renault grand scenic ,but the alko stabalizer came very close to the bumper when hooking up
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I have a swan neck detachable on my antara with no problems my caravan also as the alko stabalizer on it
Thanks Brian is your towbar a witter
I have a fixed swan neck and an Alko stabiliser,works no problems,I think the swan neck sticks out further than the flange, and also looks nicer.
I have a Swan neck detachable with 13 pin elecs ... No problems....BUT car going back to mobility end of next year, So if anybody wants to make an offer for it then AND take it off...Please let me know
Thankyou for your info John but what about the electrics do you have to go down on your knees to plug them in ,because if I change the flange type to a swan neck one which I can easily using the same bracket, the only drawback I can see is that the electric socket will sit back under the bumper
Yes you do have to go on your knees with my elecs as they hide away when not in use...It also comes with the 7 pins adaptor (s&n) if anyone wants the towbar...It cost me £275 fitted and only used about 4 times but we had to sell our caravan as we could handle her due to our disability. :(So like I said...If anybody would like to make an offer before the car goes back end of next year and take the towbar off....
Got a problem! As I said early on this thread I had a Witter fixed swan neck fitted with dedicated electrics, all worked well until Sunday past when my electrics to the van stopped working, the reason being the 13 pin socket on the car had collapsed, presumably because of a misalignment when coupling together, however on further investigation the 13 pin socket has no bulkhead at the rear of the assembly,only a flimsey rubber bellows holding it in place, I have contacted the company who are contacting Witter to see what they are going to do about it, any one else experienced this.
That seems it down to the person who fitted it he should have known it needed a back plate for the socket
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