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Towbar & Electrics

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Collecting my antara tomorrow and getting a towbar fitted next week.

Already phoned one fitting place who say they only splice into rear lights and don't use the harness under rear of car as that would require a dedicated wiring kit costing another £100.

Going to try the place the dealer say they use for any towbar work tomorrow.

Does the TSP require using the harness and does it need an additional wiring kit purchased to plug into the harness.

Want to know what to ask for and seems there is plenty of towing experience on this forum.
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Hi welcome to the forum

I just had a detachable towbar with twin electrics fitted last week at hometo my 09 antara they spliced into my wiring loom and fitted a relay so it charges and runs the fridge while travelling after they finished went and hooked up my caravan it all works fine it cost £312.00
hope this helps
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Detachable tow bar and dedicated electrics fitted by myself in about 3 hours for about £320, easy to fit, all dedicated bolt fitting and wiring to plug and battery. Iam 60 years old with a bad back and fitted everything without jacking up or lifting car off its four wheels.
Hi what else needs connecting after you plug in under the car,

Hi cadds,

The plug in under the rear of the car is for the caravan roadlights, the other part of the dedicated wiring kit goes from the car battery to anther plug which comes with the kit and is allready connected to the loom that connects under the rear,this gives battery charging and fridge feed in the caravan.
Thanks for that Imight swop mine then for the dedicated wiring kit,

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Dedicated kit is also compatable with cars ECU so dash warning lights for caravan lights etc all work.
Diamond Dave thanks for the info.

Do you have a link to the towbar / electrics you purchased.
Hi, I have just had a 13 pin westfalia swan neck towbar fitted today. My car is a 2013 model that has trailer prep. (a dedicated plug for the electrics). When the indicator are used I get a visual light on the dash not the bleeper. I think they fit the audible type when the car has no trailer prep.£284 fitted with vat. nose weight 150kg
fitted by north west trailers in stockport
Hi,my car has the trailer prep and was fitted with bleeper,had I known at the time I would of insisted they fit the dedicated wiring kit. 2013 Antara se nav 184.
Got towbar and electrics from
Diamond Dave said:
Got towbar and electrics from
Strangely enough I was pricing towbars and electrics on that very site today.

Going to order from them and fit it myself as most of the quotes using dedicated electrics are expensive.

One place wanted £800 for a swan neck towbar with dedicated electrics and then said it would be another £100-£150 to get the car reprogrammed.
Hi bigjohn.

Delivery only took a couple of days and the helpline is very good for any problems. I got the Bosal detachable with the fold away electric bracket and when its detached and folded away it is hidden totally behind the rear valance. Very pleased with it and the service.
I had a look under the car today and noticed the pre drilled holes for fitting.

Are the electrics just a matter of plugging in to the trailer prep plug at the rear and run 2 wires to the battery.
Yep thats all you need to do all wiring comes in the dedicated kit with full instructions.
I cant understand why they want to charge extra for the dedicated wiring kit when everything is already there,its beyond me.
Well it's their loss as I've just ordered the Bosal detachable with dedicated electrics for a self fit.

@ Diamond Dave thanks for the heads up.
cadds said:
I cant understand why they want to charge extra for the dedicated wiring kit when everything is already there,its beyond me.
Had a look at the PDF for the dedicated electrics and was curious about the loom that goes to the battery. Is it a wire to the positive and one to negative as it shows two blocks at the battery wire side of the loom.

Hopefully my delivery arrives tomorrow and I can see the looms for real.
Live and neutral on the battery which goes to a relay then to rear of car on another plug where multi plug connects under back of car.
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