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Tow bars tow ball height

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Please help
On internet it states that a towball height should be between
350mm to 420mm and mine sits higher than this ....
Is this normal ? Can people tell me what there's are height wise and if it effects towing at all ????
Please help . Edited by: Shaunpeacock85
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Hi when car was empty mine did seem high but hooked up all was ok. TheEC Directive 94/20/EC stipulates that a vehicle in ‘laden condition' should have a towball height of between 350mm and 420mm.

So if worried fully load your car then see what it is but I wouldnt be worrying too much as once you have car loaded and hitched up you will probably see it all sitting nicely.
Thanks for advise we've just done that hooked up and
Nose of caravan sitting slightly down instead of up so all good
Tows beautifully as well hardly noticed a difference
Depending on the year of your Antara, most of the newer ones have self levelling rear suspension. Not sure how you would test the correct operation though
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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