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There are a number of tow bars available for the Antara, whether it be fixed, detachable, swan neck or flange.

None of which have an effect on the rear parking sensor, if fitted.
There is also no requirement for making any cuts to the bumper.

There is also a specific plug and play electrics kit.
This plugs into a socket on the r/o/s chassis.

One point of note, if you tow or are going to tow a caravan with a hitch head stabiliser (ALKO or Winterhoff) make sure that you strip all the paint and other protective coatings off the ball.
Failure to do so will cause the friction pads to become contaminated and fail to do the job they are there for, which is to grip the ball to assist in the prevention of a "snake."
Various grades of wet and dry can be used for this, and also remember to keep it clean and grease free, using an aerosol brake and clutch cleaner is ideal.

Here is my Witter fixed swan neck with 13 pin electrics


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I had my towbar fitted as a fixed swan neck, from Bosal, with 13 pin.

I asked about the wiring and was told that the Bosal electrics could be used.

What is the trailer assist though? Nothing to do with the electrics/plug and play kit is it? Bit worried mine isn't wired up properly now lol!
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