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tow bar quotes

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i,ve just contacted 2 tow bar fitters and both dont fit dedicated wiring kits , TOWQUIPE in nuneaton quoted 329 fitted using a universal wiring kit and FAST FITZ quoted 395 using universal kit soldered joints as they put it.

cheers mick.
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Just had 2 quotes
CBS towbars Darlington £250
Towbars4U Darlington £225 for single electrics and £255 for twin electrics
That is fitted at home in about 2 hours
This is For standard towball not detachable or swan neck
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I previously had detachable on my disco 3 had major problems with lock so won't have detachable again sometimes less is more
ok thanks
Mine was £205 fitted with 13 pin electrics, Hedley's at Durham.
I have a detachable tow bar took off a 62 plate for sale £150 if anyone is interested in it only on the vehicle for 12 weeks fitted by tow bar express cost me £400 from Derbyshire area email [email protected]
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I got mine fitted by the dealer when i bought the car newWell he took it to a local fitting shop at my insistence.
Fitted a Witter detachable and VX wiring for 13pin electrics.
Good thing was that the dealer forgot to charge me for it and when i questioned this said he couldnt be bothered to do the paper work.
Good eh?
I bought tow bar and dedicated 13pin wiring kit for £220 .fitted my self in 1.30 hours .
It's not hard Edited by: swinton
Yep, me too. Easy with the dedicated kit
Bought my tow bar & 13 pin wiring kit off Ebay for £158 approximately ! Delivered very quickly from Italy & as above easy to fit ! Excellent quality Tow bar & wiring kit delivered via UK !why spend all that money ?
That was cheap did it have the dedicated wiring kit .
Can get a tow bar and 13 pin wiring kit (not dedicated) from tow sure £163del .
Bit nearer than Italy not far to send back it bits missing ect Edited by: swinton
Check with your insurance company before you have your tow bar fitted as some are classing it as modification !. Mine asked what type i was having fitted when i said fixed there was an extra charge ! when i asked why they told me its down to claims from people who have injured them selves owing to it being fixed. So i have got a witter removable and no charge and the insurance company was one of the big ones on tv !!!!!!!!.
I fitted my tow bar .told Chris knott they never asked which sort and no charge .
Mine is a fixed .had a removable on the insignia I had .got fed up putting in on and taking it off and putting in
Boot Edited by: swinton
Think its down to new regulations dare i say EU legislation LOL
I have ben talking to anther chap i know and he has had the same with his car. He was told if he had failed to say he was having a tow bar fitted and had been involved in a accident his policy would have been void ! Must be in the small print so small you cant see it !!!!!
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It's not in the policy they ask has the car been modified from factory built .so a tow bar is a modification.
Like side bars .performance chip
I told Chris Knott about my tow barNo extra charge
H Swinton, I was worried about buying from Italy ! butI can honestly say it was a very good buy . The Tow bar came in 3 days & was very well made & the 13 pin dedicated kit came from England . All in all a very good purchase.
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