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tow bar noseweight

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Hi all I have just bought my antara 61 plate and it has a tow bar fitted, it has an alko ball as I have an alko stabilizer fitted to my folding camper but I cannot find the nose weight for the antara anywhere in the handbook, tow bar etc does anyone on here know it please, antara 2.2 exclusive CTDi
Regards Keith
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"Nose weight - the static vertical load that is applied to the towball - MAX 80Kg<br style=": rgb251, 251, 253;">Max Tow - Auto 1700kg Manual 2000Kg"

There is a introduction topic on the forum for general information on towing with Antara

Hope it helps :)
Hi QuZee thanks for your reply and link have visited the link and it was very helpful.
np, always happy to help
Tow Bar nose weight depends on make of tow bar I have a swan neck, it is 80kg the car can tow 2 tons the caravan I have is 1560 kg fully loaded hope this helps
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