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tow ball limit

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Hi There,
I have a 2013 antara 2.2 cdti manual,and im trying to find out its towbar weight limit. many say its only 80 Kgs.However I read somewhere that ,post 2011 models have a limit of 95 Kgs,is this true ?.Its such a grey area,im confused.
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The cars tow weight is 80kg. I have a towbar that states 130Kg,but the maximum the car was designed for was 80kg,so that's my tow ball weight.
Yes I try to achieve this figurebut with difficulty sometimes. The higher figures quoted by some towbar manufactures are presumably correct for the bar, but it's the mounting points and bolts that hold it all to the car that vx have set the figures for. So as Chris says stick with the vx figure.
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