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forgive me this could be a long post.

so my sisters 2013 2.2 auto.

it started throwing engine management and traction control lights. randomly.

the codes came back as lost comms with abs module.
then it started randomly throwing a yellow handbrake light

next the little screen the shows which gear is selected would go on and off at random.

fast forward to today when its going to get looked at. key in and every warning light is on.

key cycle and its fine.

then driving along the dash goes out no lights no speedo no fuel guage. but its running ok.

pull up at the garage wont restart. no dash at all turn the key nothing.

the garage have checked the battery and tried another anyway its fine.

checked the earth point under the battery box as id seen a few posts about that. no change.

scanner cant comunicate with any module in the car.

it has to be something like a bad earth or wire on the power supply side. what am missing.

thanks in advance
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