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tire repair kit

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Hi all can anybody tell me if by using the tyre repair kit you render the repaired tyre scrap and have to buy a new one ,as tyre repairers are reluctant to repair,I know it would depend where the hole is or are they just trying to make more money by selling you a new onebobbyt
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The reason they change the tyre is mainlythey won't clean out all the gunk that is inside the tyre.To be honest would you like to do it every time someone brought a puncture to you.
Hi Murphy thanks for the reply ,I believe the tyre solution is now not like it used to be and can be wiped off with a spirit, and at the end of the the day if its part of the job that's it they charge you the extra
I thought once you use it the tyre is nackered and you have to buy a new one, that's why you are better getting the recovery centre to take you to the garage if you get a puncture
This is a pain as seems to be differing opinions from tyre suppliers, I haven't had to use foam yet, but three colleagues at work have experienced the following;
One was repaired after foam use by ATS, they washed it out, inspected the inside & repaired it ok.The other, his dealer wouldn't repair it, said once foam used tyre cannot be repaired, end of discussion!
Finally my boss took his to KwikFit, if memory serves, they washed it out but showed himside-wall damage that negated a repair, but at least they checked.

Worth noting that repairs can only me made if the puncture is located within the flat tread of the tyre. If in the side wall or on the rounded edges it is not repairable.
Plus tread must be minimum legal 1.6mm (2mm preferred) & the tyre MUST be inspected for internal damage from either the puncture or running whilst flat - this is where the foam must be cleaned / washed out & I guess this is also where tyre dealers have differing views - probably something to do with their respective insurances & guaranteeing repairs in conjunction withwashing-out foam & inspecting for damage.

Personally I'm considering a proper spare...

Found this on BlackCircles...

What is suitable for repair? would like to point out that certain checks are mandatory before repairing any tyre. (General Requirements of BSAU159f).

Check the Following<ul>[*]Minimum Tread Depth Requirement. (Cars 1.6mm, Truck & Motorcycle 1.0mm) [*]Runflat Tyre Damage [*]Contamination [*]Ageing/deterioration of the rubber [*]Bead/Liner Damage [*]Previous repairs not in accordance with BS159 [/list]

If any of the above is evident it is advised that youdo not repair the tyre. These are only guidelines, and not an exhaustive list. Basic principles of common sense must be adhered to when deciding upon puncture repair. If in any doubt contact on 0845 620 2000 and we can arrange an inspection.Maybe the foam is considered contamination?

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Thanks for the information Paul very informative
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