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Time to sell the Antara

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Hi all, Just a quick note to say farewell.
After only 5 1/2 months I am selling my Antara. I have just never got on with it and as a result never want to drive it, I just find it too unrefined. I admit I am a fussygitreally, but I just can't stand the wind noise, whining, primitive auto box and whatfeels like constant regens! I am taking a huge hit on the price I paid, however I have ordered a pre-reg S-Max Titanium X Sport, which is the same age and has lost similar money, so I am no worse off than I would have been of I had bought the S-Max from new.

So if anyone wants a mint SE Nav Auto with only 2650 miles on it, there will be one for sale in Biggleswade shortly.

Cheers everyone.

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Sorry to hear that Phil. I have had Toyotas almost since I learned to drive. Yes, that long! And the thing with them is that they drive the same every time you turn the key. I have never had a 'Friday' car nor one that I have ever needed to take back to the dealer. I have 4 of them still on the drive and they go like the day they were made - 2 of them are 20 years old.

Fate intervened this time around and I was given a Vauxhall by the business. Compared to the Yotas, the whole thing is unrefined but I have to say, mine is quite nice. OK I wouldn't spend my own money on one, but overall, it's not a bad thing to drive. But, the point is that there are days it drives sweet and other days it feels lumpy, stiff and slow. So, hearing that you have one that feels like that most of the time is no real surprise. However, I do find mine quiet and other than the crap 1st to second change, completely ....OK.

Hope you enjoy the Ford.Although having driven those too, I wish you the very best of production line luck! Bit like Marmite, Fords.
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I had an identical model S-max before the Antara and although I sold it due to an annoying problem, the problem was caused by the garage that had serviced it! It was just SO quiet and smooth compared with the Antara. The biggest difference was the auto box with twin plate clutch, which is just leagues ahead of the Antaras old fashioned unit. I just hope and prey that this will be a good one!I cant afford to be changing cars every six months!I too have had a number of Toyotas (my mum wont buy anything else) and I have never had a fault....they just lack a bit of character. Having said that, I had two mk2 MR2s and they were great!
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