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Third Oil change in a year!

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That damned oil quality light reared it's ugly head again yesterday - this will be the third oil and filter change since buying it new 14 months ago. I shall again be using a local garage and not VX...

Might all be small change if I swap it out for a brand new one this weekend though eh? Goddam those 0% deals!

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How many miles have you done? Had mine 14 months done 15k miles and one oil change at 12 months
23K. Haven't got exact detail to hand but think first 'quality' change was at about 10K, oil changed at annual service around 18K and now another 'quality' change at 23K. I blame a few weeks of short journeys, a number of months without DPF additive and several incomplete regen cycles by the missus!

I had my first oil quality light yesterday some 9 months after last service and having covered 5k miles.
Wasn't surprised as my wife does a lot of short journeys and some regent will not have been completed.Never really noticed the car doing a regent to be honest and have been expecting the DPF light to come on but to date it hasn't

My local dealer did the oil change and new filter for 40 quid so not bad I suppose!
£40.00 at the dealer is good value. I do my own and it isn't much less than that for 6L of quality oil and a filter.
I've just had oil quality light on after 6 months from new and just under 6k, phoned round dealers and really had to haggle to get it done for £100!! Out of interest does the light need to be reset or does it just go out?
I cleared the light by switching the ignition on depressing the accelerator pedal fully three times within 5 seconds and switching the ignition off. This reset the light.
I recently had issues with using a main dealer for my 2007 Antara so found a local dealer who was recommended to and so far I have been very pleased with the service and price.
I had a zafira before and used an independent that was spot on, just reluctant to go there due to warranty, don't want to give vauxhall any excuse to throw warranty out!!!
Iv had a few oil changes and mine is two years old. It's the regeneration as it kills your oil! I don't get vauxhall to do it as I use a well known store who are really good. Vauxhall can't complain if you use the correct oil and filter and show proof from a receipt! Look this company up, they are much cheaper than you think!
My car will be getting serviced from them once my service plan is finished!
Don't know if I've missed something, you haven't named company you use??
Its halfords, sorry i dont know if im allowed to give the name! some forums dont allow you to give certain dets

They have been really good! they are setting up service plans and they also do more on your service than what vauxhall does!
The only down side is if you have warrenty work to do, you need to go to the dealer
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