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Thead idea: Was it you?

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A certain Ducati owners forum that I am a member of has a 'Spotted: Was it you?' thread whereby other owners can say 'hey I spotted a Ducati, was it anyone here?'. The thread titles tend to follow a Bike/date/location format in no particular order such as 'Diavel M90 J3, Sunday 10 Aug' with further detail within the post such as "I saw a nice red Diavel making very good progress along the M90 this Sunday, was it anyone here?".
Would this be a sensible addition to this Antara forum? Just for interest sake and to keep us Antarians abreast of who might be near to us or just to say 'Hello' ??

There seems to be dozens of us up here in Fife!

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Another good idea which was suggested a while back but not started.

Shout out if you see anyone.

The only problem I have every second Antara in Dundee is white so we all look the same.

I'm slightly different I have the rear spoiler fitted and soon the have my side steps refitted.
What need it to get Dan sorted and get car stickers made for the forum users
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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