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The Orifice

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The Orifice revealed when you remove the front air dam.
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I why are you taking things off ?
I'm pretty sure that's not the air intake its not big enough.

The air intake pipe goes in below the headlight and will be fed air either from the inside of the wheel arch or more likely from around the grill or oil cooler area.
Wilma, I took the air dam off after noticing that it was nearly touching a kerb in a car park. Not the thing i would expect in a 4x4. When I removed it I was astonished to see that it hides a pipe going into or coming out of the engine compartment. I want to know what this pipe or "orifice" is for.Grumps, You must be right, surely,but if you look inside the engine compartment you will see a wide metal pipe going down to near the front axle. I think it joins "the orifice". The Orifice pipe has a fine thread in it so it could be used perhaps for connecting something to it for engine maintenancce. I have never seen anything like it, but it seems that the air dam is designed not for aerodynamic purposes (like the 140mph speedo!) but as a cosmetic cover for this "Orifice". What I need is a workshop manual, or a good Vauxhall mechanic.
Unless your planning to go off road which is not what the Antara is designed for the air splitter/dam shouldn't be a problem. In 18 months even in snow it has never hit anything or got stuck. It looks better with it on.
My question remains unanswered. What is is this Orifice or pipe for?
I think this the attachment point for the front towing eye. It says something in the owners manual about removing trim
The towing eye is the rectangular thing to the left; "Orifice" centre of pic.
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This from the owners handbook from my 2013 model. I think the rectangle is a lashing point from when they are shipped similar to the small loop on the rear of the vehicle
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I do believe you are right spenda 72 and I am wrong !!! Well done!I must read my manual more carefully.
I will check it out tomorrow. It explains why there is a thread in the "pipe". But to have to remove the air dam (whose two parts are fastened with 13 screws) could be a big ask at the roadside.
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I agree it is completely crazy to have to remove the front of the car to get a tow. The front ground clearance is very poor compared to the pre face lift model
Also if now leaving splitter off try and prevent crud and other road gunge getting in there old wine cork ( spot who has just returned from france) or large bolt :)Hic
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Good thinking HM! I was thinking of getting a big screw as a plug, if I can work out the size.This is what the towing eye looks like in situ.
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So does the towing eye screw into the orifice?
It screws into the orifice, which I now see is a threaded tube which is affixed to the front axle.
Problem solved, leave the towing eye screwed in.
Leaving the hook in doesn't look right and lowers the ground clearance even further. I hope never to need it!!!
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