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The Camping and Caravanning Club

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Anybody else in the Camping and Caravanning Club? Theone run by a Director-General (salary unknown). The one that directs you toyour pitch (no choice) and then warns you about parking on the grass.
Now they've gone one better and taken the prices off the 2014 site guide. That's right a site guide with no prices.To find out the price of a night you have to consult a table, use a calculator and then you still won't know because for 2014 pitch prices are variable. Who sets the price? Nobody knows. When does the price get changed - ditto. And if you want to cancel a bookingwithin 30 days they keep your money.

Friendly? My a---!
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Never had anything to do with the camping and caravan club but I am in the caravan club but I only use ci's so can't comment on the price structure except that when we used club sites after entering dates.type of unit. number in party etc a full price could be obtained. One gripe I do have regarding THE CARAVAN CLUB is the amount of space given to motorhomes in the monthly magazine. this also applies to Practical CARAVAN. How much d caravans get mentioned in the motorhome mags ?? NONE, Gripe over.
I joined the Camping Club as it was in 1969 and the Caravan Club in
1971. For the Caravan C you had to be proposed by another member, & notify
them if you changed your car or caravan. In 72 we stayed at Canonbie in the Scottish
borders and were not only escorted to our pitch, the warden (an ex regimental sergeant
major) waited whilst we pitched to ensure the front of our van lined up with
the rest of the row. The Camping Club you could just join!<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

Times change you usually get free choice of pitch now, but I agree the
Camping Club appears to be moving backward, both clubs are more interested in
selling everything under the sun rather than concentrating on what they were
set up for.

The idea of charging for cancelled pitches I do not have a problem with,
I grow weary of being unable to book complete weeks with the Caravan Club as
sites are booked solid each weekend, only to arrive and be told yes there will
be pitches as so many people simply do not show up.
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Hi, I'm in the caravan club (not to be confused with the caravan and camping club) and find them ok. Yes some site have Hitler type wardens and are obsessed with you driving on the grass, but I tend to use the CL (certified locations), small sites with a maximum of 5 caravans, mains hook, chem disposal from £6-50 night. Most are farmers,but don't let that put you off.
chrisg, for goodness sake please don't promote cl's too much or they will all get full and we won't get a pitch.
Hi,i am in the Caravan Club and also tend to use CLs,mainly Newquay and Whitby,sometimes Scotland and Northumberland,dont see many Antaras though,but think they are catching on as a good towing machine.
Cancelled my C&CC membership due to new pricing structure and kept CC membership going agree with earlier posts about some site wardens being a bit OTT but quality of sites make it worthwhile
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