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Tempermental audio and sat nav

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Hi All. Yet more problems.
Has anyone come across this before? I have had a couple of occasions when i cant access the audio or sat nav. I can rotate to audio on the screen but nothing happens when i press the knob or audio button. The radio channel screen has gone but the radio is still on but obviously i cannot change the channel or put on a cd or use the sat nav. It happened the other morning when i was off to work but worked again when i tried it at lunchtime, and it has done it again tonight. Could do without more problems with christmas looming. Anyone help? By the way the computer screen is working ok, just no audio or sat nav screen.
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Intermittent problems are the worst kind.

This is not a problem I've had.

I know some people have had the odd problem with the instrumentation and have solved it by disconnecting the battery. Seems to have the effect of resetting all the instruments. It may be worth trying for your radio/satnav.

Your problem may also indicate a loose connection at the rear of the unit. Not sure how to remove it, but it might be worth a look.

Failing that, it sounds as if it might be a job for a mechanic/electrician.
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