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Stop-Start/Air Conditioning Connection?

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I had my Antara almost three weeks now and something has suddenly stopped the 'Stop-Start' option from working........

Up till now its been working just fine but I used the Air-Conditioning a couple of days ago and now no more 'S/S'????

I dont mind having the windows open on these very Sunny days but it means that I need to turn up the volume to almost half way on the Music system or else I wont be even able to hear Led Zepplinor 50 cent on the motorway in 'Super-Cruise' mode!!

I cant find anything on here but the Vauxhall forum suggest that the S/S doesnt work when the A/C is set to a particular setting; IE Screen clear mode??

Has anyone experienced this please and come up with a resolution or reason?

Any ideas 'Grumps'?

I would still keep the car even if I had to live withoutthese two things, but it would be very nice to know what the hell was going on under the bonnet when I am driving around..???

Many Thanks,

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I'm pretty sure the climate control running is one of the reasons why the start stop system will not engage.
This is due to the large amount of power required to run the refrigerationcompressor. The CC is not something which should be run only on battery power. Hence the need to keep the engine running when it's in use.

It's not clear how hard the CC has to be working to disable start stop.The manual states quite clearly the CC can inhibit the start stop system
There Are so many sensors that could stop the stop start working and the AC putting extra load on the car is one of them.

Im sure it will be fine.

To Be honest I would look at it as a bonus if the stop start didnt work. It doesnt save you fuel.
Hi John, to quote from the user manual , page 119 and 120 explains."Air conditioning system may or may
not inhibit the stop-start system

according to the cooling performance "
the climate has to be in Auto mode for the start stop to work properly
Hi all been told if battery is below 90% charge start stop function wont work only a guess but maybe ac drained battery a bit
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