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steering problem

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Hi all my 2014 2wd started makin few noises wen turning hard or from look to lock soundd bit like pump on way out only done 3000 miles anyone had any similar probs
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Hi,I had the same problem with mine.There was a knocking noise from lock to lock!
Took it back to Vauxhall(still under manufacturer warrenty).
They compared the noise with an other Antara and said it was normal BUT the steeringcolumn was noiser than the car they compared with so they replaced the steering column!
Knocking noise still present tho!!!!
Hope this help
Had a similar problem with my Insignia. It turns out it actually was the steering rack.
If its a screeching sound it may only be the pump drive belt. Knocking maybe more serious.
Mine has a intermittent fault of turning on it's own, usually when going past a McDonalds
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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