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Black Vauxhall Antara, 2012
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I just bought a 2012 Antara, I imagine it would have been top of the range back in 2012. Black metallic paint, 19” alloys, full leather, sat nav.
I bought it from a dealer and paid well for it, £5500.
DPF was very blocked, kept getting various warning lights.
Dealer did a clean and I was told the filter was choked. Got the car back,
For a few miles it was fine, but I noticed a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust. I also got a couple of warning lights, basically I had to contact the dealer again. They took it back in and found a cracked pipe at the intercooler.
Fixed this and I have a completely different car.
However, ECO still isn’t working, never has and my MPG is horrendous, around 21mpg.
Dealer says they will look at it but to wait a couple of weeks.
Any of you guys have any ideas.
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