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Steamy Windows

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This morning I took my elderly mother and a cat to the Vets, a distance of about ten miles all in, but I was becoming more and more frustrated throughout the journey.

The reason : Steamy windows or misty windows if you like.

This morning the weather was truly awful with heavy rain and widespread flooding on some of the roads but to be fair, my Antara coped well with the conditions and to be honest, I have never felt so confident.

Trying to see the road was an entirely different matter. Hot air directed to the windscreen did help but by no means solve the issue with plenty "glass" still steamed up and untouched even with the vents positioned towards them.

When I parked up at both the vets and my mother's house, by the time that I had returned to my car, the windows were totally "steamed" up and I had to sit for a few minutes until the windows cleared.

This can't be right......can it ???

Has anyone else experienced this "problem" and more importantly, found a setting that solves this issue ?
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Had this with mine when it was new for a couple of weeks. Obvious "Instant" cure is to turn on the Air-Con. This will get rid of any internal misting in seconds. I eventuallyrealised that my "Interior Air Circulation" button was pressed, so I was constantly blowing the existing damp/wet air around the cabin, with no fresh air coming in from the outside.Turned off the air re-circulation, and never once had the problem since!!.
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Yes agree with Isaac. Aircon on and makes ure recirculate is off.
My Antara has this problem, I have too keep putting the Air Con on..😳🐶
I don't find it unusual that the Antara windows can steam up when the outside conditions are of a high humidity like they have been over recent days. Most cars I've had have been the same.
Just make sure the interior recirculation button is off and press the demister button until the misting goes away. Doesn't really take that long.
I have had very similar problems from day one with my new antara. I'll try the ac on and air circulator button off, but why such a problem with severe frost/ice build up inside screens in winter, also even with ac on to demist, it does take forever to clear, patchy at that.
Hi all.I agree with Isaac, turning aircon on and air rec off usually cures the problem.
However I do find that mine has a mind of its own and as it usually lives on auto sometimes I find that it has turned the air rec on of its own accord. Does the exclusive have air con or climate?
Anyone find a cure for this problem.

Had my antara for a day and today drove 2 miles to visit someone and when I came back out an hour later all the windows were running with condensation.Air recirculation and air con both off with the air directed to windows on the the journey there and the windows were clear.
yes the auto function is a bit rubbish...i run with aircon on all the time...that sorts it
Our antara used to be like this, I never used the a/c to clear this as you will always need to use the a/c to keep them clear. I just used the normal heaters and eventually it sorted out and after about a month it was fine.
The car must be full of moisture possibly from humid air from Korea? I dunno
Had my Antara for 10 months now, and condensation has never been a significant problem for me. It's odd that some cars seem to have it worse than others.
My cold morning routine is to put the heater on full, direct the airflow up to the windscreen and put the blower on the three quarter mark. That seems to prevent most condensation most of the time. If I still get a bit of condensation after that, I usually just give the demister button a push and leave that on for about 10 seconds or so to clear the condensation.

I wonder if there might be a specific problem with new cars. They have spent weeks on a ship and then probably sat in the dealer's compound for a while. That can add a lot of moisture to the car, especially in winter.
I wish I could say the same Lol.Ive had my Atara 10 months as well and I get in front windows are all misted up push the demist button and after about 5 mins it clears, but if I then turn demist off and it starts to fog up within minutes. The side windows are the worst for misting up.
Don't use the air con to demist and eventually the car will dry out
I have a problem with steamed up windows every winter morning thats wet cold or both, having the aircon on doesn't help (it does on both Vivaro vans & Ford Focus) quite annoying for the levels of technology we seem to have. Now we go out earlier and start it up so it gets warm demists and uses .2 ltrs per hour.

Its due to go back to the dealer for a check but I'm not convinced that it will make a great difference
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