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Squeaky Interior!

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Hi Everyone,
I'm new on here, and having outgrown my astra (i decided i needed something a bit more practical) I thought i would carry on with the vauxhalls i went for the antara. Its a 2009 CDTI SE. I love the car to bits BUT it has got a very annoying constant squeaking that is coming from the rear end, it seems to me to be the tailgate or the cubby box area. Has anyone had a similair problem? apart from that the car is fine, allthough a bit thirsty. Thanks in advance, Pete
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I had lots of squeaks around the dash which was fixed using silicone spray.

Have you tried removing the parcel shelf and putting the rear seats down to check its not something in the rear of the car.

You could always get someone to sit in the rear and listen for the noise.

It could be a suspension bush which is fairly common. I have an 8 month old Corsa which has a squeaky top mount bush.

BTW welcome to the forum
Welcome petethecat to the forum, nothing worse then a noise that you cannot figure out, try what grumps says he's a wise old man
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Thanks for the replies, I have only had the antara for a week so i am still finding my way around it (never had a car with so many gadgets and gizmo's) but i did try the seats down just to see if it was that but it did'nt make any difference. I have a can of silicone spray on order so when that comes i shall give it a go. It does seem to me to be the tailgate but i may be wrong. I could'nt believe how easy it was to get the seats down, the astra was a nightmare. Cheers for now.
The trim on the tailgate of mine squeaked bad as did the as did the seats against the parcel shelf. Seat squeak sorted by moving the recline position up a tad so they don't touch. Tailgate squeak fixed by removing and applying foam pads beneath the trim.
Is removing the tailgate trim a straightforward job? do the trim clips come out easily? i have got something loose and sliding about in the tailgate, as well as it squeaks like mad. very annoying!!!
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